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Decades of Experience

Our captains have a combined 50+ years of parasailing experience, with a 100% safety record. We are fully license and insured. So sit back and relax, you're in great hands.

We give you very basic, easy to follow instructions and safety procedures. Don't be surprised if we crack a couple jokes, we like to have fun too!


Our Flying Location

We will meet you in Lakeside, MT at the Public Boat Ramp, 50 ft. North of Flathead Harbor Marina.

Flathead lake is a remnant of the ancient, massive glacial dammed lake, Lake Missoula. It is a natural lake along the mainline of the Flathead River. The lake is approximately 30 miles long and 16 miles wide, covering 197 square miles. It is larger in surface area than Lake Tahoe.


Flathead Lake has a maximum depth of 371 ft, and an average of 165 ft. This makes Flathead Lake deeper than the average depths of the Yellow Sea or the Persian Gulf. Flathead Lake is in a scenic part of Montana, 30 miles southwest of Glacier National Park and is flanked by two scenic highways, which wind along its curving shoreline. On the west side is U.S. Route 93, and on the east, is Route 35.

If you cant' catch us in Montana, we have a sister location in Seattle:

Our Professional Crew


Captain Alan

Captain Alan has 20 years parasail experience and holds a USCG 100 ton master's credential.  He has parasailed all over the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Captain Alan is known for his smooth boat handling. He is also the proud father of a new baby boy!


Captain Mike

Captain Mike is the original Kraken Slayer with over 30 years behind the wheel of a parasail boat. Mike also holds a USCG 100 ton master's credential, and has flown in locations all over the map. He is best known for his entertaining stories and professionalism.

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