Our Captain has over15 years parasail experience, holds a 100 ton merchant marine credential from the US Coast Guard, and is a University of Montana alumni.  Operated from the Caribbean to Canada, and everywhere in-between.


With over 50,000 flights logged, and a perfect safety record, you are in great hands.  We use all industry standard, inspected equipment. 



In Whitefish, we operate right from the dock on City Beach in Whitefish, MT. Please don't occupy the dock early.

On Flathead, our pickups can vary between Lakeside and Somers public docks. If you book online, we will call you in advance and arrange exact details.

All paperwork and remaining payments are handled on the boat. Parking is limited, so plan ahead so that you don't miss the boat!

In the off-season, you can find us down on Lake Havasu in Arizona => Havasu Parasail



The Premium Parasail boat model has served from Hawaii to Florida. Our vessel was completely rebuilt from stern to bow in January, 2022. All deck hardware and fastenings meet commercial workboat standards. Maintenance is performed beyond manufacturer reccomendations. 

The extra large reinforced aft flight deck has been designed with passenger safety in mind. Passengers can be landed on the deck up to 90 degrees off the beam on both port and starboard.


Please watch if you have never parasailed before. We usually fly 2 or 3 people at time.